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We reimagine the housing market for the better


We are on a mission to simplify the way people can find suitable and affordable housing, making it easier, more convenient, and more sustainable for everyone around the globe.
Christofer Thörning

/ CEO- Znugle Technology

Suitable and available living is what we power. It’s our mission. It’s what gets us out of bed each morning. It pushes us to constantly reimagine how we can live and move better. For you. For all the things you want to achieve. For all the dreams you want to fulfill. An available housing market. Across the entire world. It’s happening now. At your fingertips.

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Custom Solution


.NETCore, React Natvie, AWS, Google API



Our solution

All activities, such as chats, messages, and updates, need to be notified and updated instantly. We need to have full control over everything in the future

Advancements in technology – We have built a custom solution instead of using a chat service. Our internal chat solution allows us to have full control and analyze the information. Additionally, we have developed a dedicated notification application that can manage all notification sources, including SMS, email, mobile push, and in-app push.

Znugle is a start-up company, so we always take costs into account, but we still need to have stable and structured IT solutions to help us scale in the future

We have built a comprehensive suite of IT solutions to ensure stability and scalability by implementing CI/CD practices. This has enabled the Znugle team to adopt Agile/Scrum methodologies, and we use a variety of development tools to manage work and communication effectively.

Znugle is developed with our users in mind and is available in cities worldwide with a purpose to simplify sharing of homes for rent

This case study will demonstrate how a user can easily find a listing. We offer the ability to do a geographical search, and users can access detailed information about the listings. For hosts, we provide a solution that allows them to showcase everything about their house or apartment. We combine external search services with our internal search service to provide customers with a great search experience.


An alternative to traditional services. Znugle offers a flexible solution for your long-term rental needs. It’s a great alternative to intermediaries, agents, and marketplaces.

What do people praise about Teckvisory?

 Kimmo Huhtinen
Kimmo Huhtinen
CTO Znugle
We have worked with Teckvisory since day one with our app development project. Teckvisory has been a vital part of the success, working as backend lead developer providing the backend solution. Thorough and excellent delivery, sharing knowledge and expertise allowing us to provide a great platform. We at Znugle are happy to recommend Teckvisory!
Alexis Aho
Alexis Aho
CEO, Co-Founder Webprefer
Recommend Teckvisory as a top-tier software company with experienced professionals who deliver high-quality and customized solutions to meet clients' specific needs. They stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends to ensure innovative problem-solving, and provide exceptional customer service to guarantee client success.

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